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Edmonson County 5/6 Center


Mrs. Charla Caudill


School Counselor

Mrs. Kelly Rich


School Profile

Two-year public school

Grades: 5-6

Enrollment: 238


The Edmonson County 5/6 Center staff, along with family and community support, will provide a safe environment and the opportunity for all students to learn and become productive citizens. 


Grading Scale

Letter Grade

Numeric Value

Grade Points

A: 100-90

B: 89-80

C: 79-70

D: 69-60

F: 59-0



Edmonson County 5/6 Center is located in the city of Brownsville, Kentucky.  Edmonson County has a population of 12,000+ people, 4,600+ households, and the median household income is a little over $25,000.  


Edmonson County Schools

There are currently four public schools operating as part of the Edmonson County School System. They are Kyrock Elementary (in the Kyrock community in northern Edmonson County), South Edmonson Elementary (near the Chalybeate community in southern Edmonson County), the Edmonson County Fifth/Sixth Grade Center and Edmonson County Middle/High School (both in Brownsville).